Friday, August 31, 2012

25 Days Until 7 Months!

So I'm writing this blog post from my room in my grandparents house in Orlando. Tori is in her apartment on campus. As I was looking for a picture to put on the blog tonight, I found the one above. At first glance this picture doesn't say a whole lot. Just Tori standing by a lake, got it. But I picked this one because it is the last picture before we were engaged. This picture was taken as I set up the camera to video record the proposal. I like this picture because she looks so happy, and she doesn't even know it's coming! She's just happy to be there with me on some picnic by a lake. That's why we are engaged, because we have such a great time together, titles aside. Sure she's my fiance and I am hers, but that is not the glue that holds us together and that makes everything so wonderful. Looking at this picture I realize we have 25 days until we are 7 months from being married. Every night we are reminded how much we cannot wait until goodbye no longer coincides with goodnight! But for now it does, and remembering how short of a time until it doesn't sure does help. She really is everything I have ever prayed for and so much more. She is my princess. Goodnight everyone! And God bless!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

U-C-F Knights!

Yet another engagement photo! Here's what today looked like! I had a meeting with my RA and roommates this morning, which was interesting! Afterwards, Daniel and I went to the All Knight Study to work on some homework! After a while, we packed up our stuff and headed to Hawaiian Grindz for lunch. It was SO good. We will definitely go back there sometime. The food was unique and flavorful! YUM. We then ran some errands and went back to my apartment! I walked with Daniel to his class and then made a textbook exchange, which took FOREVER! Hahaha. I went back and started getting ready and when Daniel got back, we tried to find some UCF gear. Though that wasn't very successful, we were still wearing black and reppin'! All because we were going to the Evan's to watch the first game of the season! It was fun to get out of the apartment and have some social time! And meet some student athletes! Now, it is sleepy time. YAY, Happy Friday tomorrow!


Classes, Homework, and Hunger Games.

Engagement PHOTO!

So, oops, I forgot to write the blog yesterday! I went home from Tori's apartment and was suppose to write but I ended up helping my cousin with some Pre-Calculus and forgot all about it! Well, here is a little recap of yesterday:

First we had our early classes, then we went to Tori's where she finished her homework and took a little nap. While she was napping I made us some capreses and broccoli cheddar soup for lunch, which turned out to be pretty good. After that, more classes, studying with a friend, and ate dinner at Huey Magoo's! Before eating dinner, I told Tori we would check if Hunger Games was at the redbox, and it was! So we got it and watched it! It wasn't my favorite movie but it wasn't my least either, so somewhere in between!

So that was our day! Productive and fun! Now Tori will tell you about today, in a different post... :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An Average Day...

Hey everyone! Hope your weeks are all going well. Another engagement photo above! Today, Daniel was really busy! From a Bible study, to a hair appointment, grocery shopping, lunch with Jason, class, and homework all in between! Hahaha. I mostly stayed home today, (minus the hair cut and grocery shopping) worked on wedding stuff and school stuff. Daniel and I made dinner together and shared with my roommate, Ashley, who is really cool! I've been working on homework for a writing class I just can't seem to find the light in. I really shouldn't be taking this class, but when I transferred, some things did not go where they should... So, I had to back track... I took the class before this two years ago! Ever since the first day, the work has been piling on. It would be entirely different if I hadn't taken a class similar already, or if this class was directed toward my major... But it's not, and I have no other option. I hate that I already want this semester to be over because of this one class. I'm really enjoying all my other classes. I mean, I'm enjoying BIOLOGY, and political science. Odd. I love writing, I really do, and I'm good at it... (This doesn't always show through my blog posts, I can promise you that... Haha) But, I'm frustrated with it... and it is exhausting me. I need some quality time with my God and my Daniel, with his cute new hair cut.... Not my computer and a ton of pages of reading. Maybe, I just started off on the wrong foot. Pray for me in that I find joy and endurance with this class... and that I can find some quality time with the ones I love.

P.S. I promise I have not forgotten about the four songs we owe you all! I'm sure you see things are a bit crazy as of right now...


Monday, August 27, 2012


So, today is Monday all over again. Though we are still a bit unorganized, we are getting closer to getting use to this new schedule! Tomorrow I tried to plan out well so that Tori and I can be productive. One of Tori's desires is that we do not do homework or any work on Sundays, but use this day as a day of rest. Well, the best way for us to not procrastinate (at least for me) is to make daily goals to accomplish. Then by accomplishing these simple daily goals, we can reach our ultimate goal and have those Sunday's off. It sounds simple, but in reality it will take a lot of discipline from both of us. I have a few specific goals I would like to accomplish by the wedding, as does Tori, so we have to keep these super future growth goals in view as well. But, it is all fun and similar to a game! And I think we can win! Well, that is an update for the day! I hope you all enjoyed it! Have a great day!

The picture is of Daniel reading a bedtime story while we were babysitting. (The two smallest are our ring bearer and flower girl) He's gonna be a good daddy!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Family Fun!

Another favorite from our engagements!!

Well, today was very nice! Daniel and I woke up super early to drive back to Orlando in time for band practice... But before that, we spent some time drinking coffee with his parents... Which was nice! Church was great! I'm loving the marriage series we're doing right now! After church, we had a volunteer meeting and got free lunch! Yay! After going to my apartment and realizing we didn't have the keys, we went to Daniel's grandparent's house! (Where my keys and car were...) We hung out there for a while... I mostly slept and Daniel read some in one of his new textbooks and occasionally dozed off. After trying to get a little homework done, we went to Jason's Deli! Yum. And then went to Titi Carmen's for cake and ice cream for his cousin's birthday/aunt's anniversary! Gotta love family-filled days! Missing mine right now! Congrats to my big brother, Jason, who got baptized today! Woohoo! Praise God!

I guess that's all I got for today, I'm adding pictures from yesterday to yesterday's post!

Good night! God bless!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lonnnng daaayyy!

So today was a really long day, but very productive towards the wedding! But first, in the morning we went to my Titi (aunt) Carmen's house for breakfast and socialisness! Of course, both were wonderful as always! After that meal, we drove to ocala! First we went to Tori's and got ready for our meeting about food for the wedding! The meeting well so well! I was very pleased! I'm not sure if I should reveal any decisions or not, I'll have to ask Tori tomorrow! We also, while at the Hilton discussing food, were able to get a few other things settled! I really love the sense of professionalism that comes with the experienced staff there at the Hilton! After that, we spent some time at my parents house just hanging out, then it was back to business! Tori, my mom, and I went to joanne's fabric to pick out bridesmaides dress stuff! It was nice to do that and get it squared away! Then we had dinner with my family! It was very tasty! Now it is time for some sleep before we head to Orlando for church in the morning! Love! Goodnight!
Sorry there is no picture, I am on my phone and don't have any good ones! Haha.

Here are some pictures of Daniel having a good time, while we were picking out the style and fabrics for bridesmaid's dresses... So excited for Daniel's mom to be making them for us!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Short and Scattered Post!

Woohoo! Fridays are great! Week one of school is complete! Today, we had class... Daniel worked out, I babysat... And we went to Daniel's cousin's football game! Funny being back at a high school event and feeling like I'm too old to be there. Man. Hahaha.

Tomorrow marks exactly nine months until BIG DAY! YAY!! Tomorrow, we're going to Titi Carmen's for breakfast... Which may not be as exciting, but still exciting! We also have a meeting at the Hilton to discuss menu!

The pictures above are what we made to be our ring box for our ring bearer to carry down the aisle! You may have seen this on Pinterest! Hehehe.

Sunday my brother is getting baptized! I so wish I could be there! I'm so excited for him!

So sleepy, been up since six-something! Goooooodnight!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Yep, she's out of her funk soooo success! haha ;) (she forgot to mention there were two baked potatoes we had to throw away...)

So, getting back at school is going great! This last school year is going to be one of the busiest of my entire college career (and ever for that matter)! But I think that I should be able to handle it! I will feel a little more at ease once I get my textbooks from Ocala this weekend. Tori is awaiting her textbooks as well, so we are both feeling a little "unprepared" for class. But once those come in, look out UCF! Cause we are both going to be reading machines! I'm hoping to learn so much this semester! And I think Tori will to! She has at least one class that has to do with education and I'm sure she will find it interesting since that is her passion!

Going back to the topic of Ocala this weekend, Tori should be picking out bridesmaid dresses this weekend in Ocala so that is exciting!

Other than all this, Tori and I are just thankful that we have such a blessed life and we give God all the thanks! Cause well, without Him allll this would be impossible! :)

This picture is a little old (less than a year though), but I thought we looked very collegiate! So I posted it!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One of Those Days...

One of my favorites from the shoot!

Gosh, the past week I have been so up and down as far as emotions go... I think I get thrown off when I'm getting into a new schedule. I'm a routine kinda gal, I guess! So today, Daniel tried to get me out of my funk! After I had got back from my long day of classes, I took care of some things around the apartment, showered and relaxed. Meanwhile, Daniel was preparing dinner for me. Although, so much went wrong, it still meant so much. He thought that I had some chicken still at the apartment after he had went shopping, but I didn't... So he had to run and get some... When it was time to eat, the chicken wasn't all the way cooked, nor the baked potato or zucchini (he also thought I had parmesan for that... I didn't). It was so sweet! And I was still full! (We ended up cooking the chicken for longer). He had also forgotten eggs for our dessert, so my roommate went and got them for him! After all that, we watched a movie that we ended up turning off because we didn't like a lot of the content... You may be thinking WOW, that all sounds pretty unsuccessful! But no, I consider it a perfect night. Daniel is constantly trying to show his love for me. The little hiccups don't matter. I am so blessed.

But hey! The flowers are beautiful! And make for a nice centerpiece on the dining room table!

Here are the next wedding steps to look forward to:

  • Bridesmaids dresses (Special announcement with that)
  • Booking of the HONEYMOON!
  • Florist booking
  • Save the Date making!
  • Some other little things you may hear about here and there.... Hahaha.
Well, that's all I got for today! Night!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Busy Yet Uneventful!

Another engagement photo! :)

Today was one of those "busy yet uneventful" days, so there isn't much to talk about... I went to a LabVIEW seminar for fun to learn about it's capabilities. I am enrolled in a class called Senior Design where you actually have to design a product! Which is very exciting to me! This means it's time to perform! While I was at the seminar, Tori was just doing some random stuff at her apartment (breakfast, web browsing, cleaning, etc.). Once I was finished I headed to her apartment to see her before I headed to lunch with the worship leader of our church, Jason. At lunch Jason and I talked about worship leading and some other great things; it was worth the time. After Lunch, Tori and I bought her books and printed up her syllabus. Then I dropped her off at the library to do some homework while I went to my class, which was great! Then Tori made a great dinner for us at her apartment which was super good! The rest of the night consisted of a little designing the "save the dates" and reading (both the Bible and "Love and Respect"). Now it's bed time! So goodnight! :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day!

The countdown says 277 days!!!! :D

There is one of our engagement photos we took with Thad Kopec! They turned out great, and we can't wait to see more!

Today was the first day of classes! And as Daniel mentioned last night, I wasn't too excited. I am taking  one education course this semester, which I am excited for! Luckily, next semester only one of my classes will be a gen-ed class. I did enjoy my classes today, my professors all made me giggle at least once! And I don't think anything is going to be too difficult... Daniel really enjoyed all his classes today!

I did a lot more organizing in my room, it's coming together and starting to look good! My roommates are great! They are all so sweet!! We're already planning game nights, dinners and more! This is going to be a great school year! I'm really loving UCF, so many people are so friendly! Daniel and I have had random conversations with so many people...

We had Pita Pit for dinner. YUM.

Also, Daniel and I had some really nice quality time just sitting on my bed, reading and just talking about the present and future... Please be praying for us as so much is unfolding in our lives!

In other news, I'm going to be a bridesmaid in my brother's wedding!!!! I'm pretty upset for not mentioning this in my last post, as it is great and fun news! My whole family is so excited about the Cali wedding next month! It's going to be perfect! I couldn't ask for a better lady for my Jason, she is so sweet, crafty, fun and on fire for God. I cannot wait to stand by her and my brother and support them as they become husband and wife!

Well, I'm off to bed! Goodnight all! Sweet dreams! Hahaha.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tomorrow School Starts! (I mean College)

The photograph is old but, I like it! This was a photo op we had with my sister, Kristina! She did a great job! Tori is standing on stairs.. haha! She's cute!

School starts tomorrow! Unlike Tori, I am so excited! She is still taking her "gen-ed" classes so I feel her pain... Classes like English and Biology are not my friend either! But, being my last year of my undergraduate degree, I am very excited! I have supper fun classes and am looking forward to learning a lot!

Today Tori and I played on the worship team at church (me on the piano/vocals and her on vocals). It went very well and the message was fantastic. Afterwards we grabbed some lunch and headed to my grandparents so I could move in for the last year! While I was cleaning, Tori was sleeping. Then we went to her apartment so she could do some more moving in. While she was cleaning, I was sleeping! Haha. Afterwards, we went to a "mandatory meeting" for Tori's dorm and she received a discount card which will certainly be beneficial as we are poor college students! Then we ate dinner, she went to a floor meeting, and we said goodnight! I should be sleeping now since I have my first class at 8:30 so I'm going to go! I hope you all have a great day! God bless!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

More Moving in!

Today, my parents came to Orlando to bring more of my stuff for my dorm! After we unpacked everything, we went to lunch on campus and then grocery shopping! It was such a blessing to have my parents come, help unpack, pay for some groceries and buy a mattress pad for this awful bed! Hahaha. I love them so much!! Daniel and I watched a couple episodes of LOST today! Woohoo! I still have tons of unpacking and organizing to do!

We went to Jeremiah's Italian Ice! YUM! It's pretty much our favorite desert place around here. ;)

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend! Good night! Church tomorrow! Yay! Excited for the marriage series starting tomorrow! And worship!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Orlando Move!

Today was a long but good day! Tori has now moved into her dorm for the semester and we both start classes this week at UCF. Though this Summer was great, we will now be able to see each other even more! We will have school work to do, but I still think we will have more time to plan for the wedding! Especially with our schedules. All of Tori's classes are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Mine are as well, mostly, and around the same times too; but, I have another class that meets on Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30! I'm not the best at explaining when I'm tired, but if you were able to follow that, then you can see that every Tuesday and Thursday is pretty much free! Giving time for studying, planning, and whatever else we find time for! (Lost?) I am very excited that Tori and I are going to be taking classes at the same University! Ready to get this semester going right!

We really enjoyed today! We packed, drove to Orlando, unpacked my stuff at my Grandparents house, unpacked her stuff at her dorm, walked around, bought a textbook, ate, walked around it was full of exciting adventures! But it's not about what we did, it's about what it represents! The start of another stage of our lives! :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012


So, pretty much all day today, I packed. Daniel and I are moving back to Orlando tomorrow! Which I would say is bittersweet! I'm moving into the dorms! Which should be interesting... I'm so tired of packing! I have spent this whole last year moving around, traveling back and forth on weekends... I'm so ready to stay in one spot for a while and for Daniel and I to just have our own apartment together! But that will just have to wait!

On the other hand, I'm so glad we got a good amount of wedding stuff done this week before school starts back up on Monday, and things get crazy! 

The picture was taken at Source at Church @ the Springs... A long time ago... I chose it because Brooke stopped by my house to drop off my shower stuff I had left at the apartment... While she was here, Daniel and I talked and talked to her about all our wedding stuff going on. Hahaha.

I should really get some rest! Lots of hauling boxes up 4 flights of stairs tomorrow! Hahaha. Good night!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Guest List and DIYing!

So, first thing I did today was make Tori some coffee and breakfast at her house! She was still sleeping, or so I thought... She was actually spying on me for a good bit towards the end of my cookingness! But anyways it was pretty good! After we ate our breakfast and drank our coffee, we headed to my parents house to show my mom some of our registered things on Afterwards, Tori and I made some advancements on the guest list! Surprisingly this took a lot longer than I had anticipated... maybe it's because I had to have it looking good. I made a MS Excel Spreadsheet, complete with cursive heading and a bold purple border (Colors were chosen for Tori!)! So far we are at two hundred and fourteen people on a growing list! We are not expecting everyone to come, in fact they say to expect 70% to actually show up, but we will see! The list still has a lot of tweaking, but soon it will be perfect! At least the majority is out of the way. After the list, we headed to Hobby Lobby to purchase some craft stuff for the wedding. We made another spreadsheet for keeping track of pricing because Tori is planning on DIYing a lot of the decorations for the wedding, with my help of course! I think it will be more fun to talk about them specifically when we actually make them and can feature them as our daily picture, but for now, I can at least tell you we got a box! It's small. That's all you get! Hopefully we will get started on it tomorrow! :)

The picture is another from Siesta Key on our "dress nice" day! We went to St. Armands Circle with my family and ate at Cha Cha Coconuts! Yummy!

Well, that is all for today! I hope you all have a wonderful day!  Goodnight everyone!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lots of Registering!

So this morning we went to Great American Coffee and had blueberry muffins and coffee! There, we sorted out things we still needed to register for! Eventually, we headed to Target for like 4+ hours! We have most of our registry done now, though there is still more to do! And I'm sure some things might still change around... Hahaha. We are super excited to see it all eventually come together! The picture is of us trying to visualize our bathroom all together... It was quite funny going through the isles grabbing things and putting them on the floor to see what looks best. Hahaha. We also had a bit of help today, Daniel's sister Sophia, joined us on our long day at Target! Afterwards, we went to look at more furniture and then back to my house. My dad, Daniel and I gave my car a good and needed cleaning! We were the car cleaning dream team. Since then, we've just been hanging out and relaxing! Hopefully, tomorrow we will go check out some florists... or some other time this week.

Hope you all are enjoying your weeks! Good night!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Eventful and Productive!

Those are the words for today! We started off our day with my dentist appointment! Hahaha. After, we went back to my house for a bit and then headed to Barnes N' Noble, where I looked at bridal magazines and Daniel looked at smart people magazines... When we left, we stopped at the Hilton to look at the venue again! This time, I remembered to take pictures! The picture above is the tree we are getting married under! The picture below is where the reception will be!

They are both so very beautiful and going out and looking at them once more really gets us excited all over again!

After the morning described above by Tori, we went to the mall and she bought me something very important that is extremely exciting for both of us. My wedding band! I am so excited to have it and I can't wait to actually be able to wear it! Tori took a picture to put on here... so here it is!

God really sent us a blessing with this. Tori received 5% off and then another 10% off! Just because the manager was feeling generous... She bought it from Zales which is where I bought hers from and so it has another level of significance.

Lastly, we also went looking for furniture for our apartment! This seems a bit soon, I know, but I can explain. We will not be getting an apartment until we get married and wont be living together until then. But, we have to start registering now, so we have to know what kind of furniture we want so that we can register for things now to match then! See, it's simple! We found a beautiful dining room set and got a better feel for the living room and the bedroom. Modern + Mature + Comfortable = What we're going for. So excited to see things coming together and daily anticipating May 25, 2013! :)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Engagement Photos!

Another picture from Siesta Key! Today we woke up early and drove to Orlando for church! Daniel played keys for worship! After church, we went to Kyoto and had chicken fried rice for lunch! On our way back to my house, we stopped by the mall to have my ring cleaned and look at bands for Daniel!! Yay! Later, we took some engagement photos with Thad Kopec! We had a great time and were so thankful that Thad took the time to do a shoot on such short notice before he moves! Hopefully, we will have some pics soon for you all!

My mom grilled out again! And we had some more of the desert I made last night! Now, we are watching the Olympic closing ceremonies! :D

Hope you all have a great week!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Welcome Home!

We made it! Though we had a great time on vacation, it is still always nice to be home! When we first got here we just unloaded my parents car and then headed to Tori's parents since we spent all week with my family. We ate a little something to hold us till dinner because Tori's mom was grilling out. While we were waiting, Tori and I went to Publix to pick up some ingredients to make an amazing desert for after dinner. It was ice cream brownie sandwiches with chocolate drizzled on top. I had too much because it was so good! For dinner, we had cheeseburgers and coleslaw! They were very yummy! Tomorrow I am playing piano at church so I practiced for a while but I think I'm ready! So that was our day, and it was great! Also, mixed in with the day Tori was looking for (and I was peaking and giving opinions) save the date cards! Yay!

Picture is of us paddle boarding this past week! Water spot on the camera lens... Oh well!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Again, sorry...

I promise we will not short you all these videos! We will upload them when we can!

Aside from that, Daniel and I went jet skiing today! It was great! We also went and saw the new Batman... Which was also great! We also had Big Olaf's ice cream today! For the second time! Ah yes, vacation! We also had a romantic walk on the beach.... I'm engaged to the most perfect human being for me!

Also, I'm so sleepy! Night!

There's a picture of us jet skiing today! And yes, I'm not wearing my ring... I was too scared to wear it on the jet ski! Haha. ;)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Technical Difficulties


We are having trouble getting wireless connection... But as soon as we get some signal, we will upload a video! So sorry!

In other news, we have been relaxing a lot! It's soooo nice. We've been getting sun, walking on the beach, watching storms, eating cookies... You know, vacation stuff... ;) Tomorrow Daniel and I are probably just having a day to ourselves! Yay!

Hope you all are having a great week! We will catch up on videos as soon as possible!!

Oh, and here is us.

We're at a really cool coffee shop, with free wifi! SO, here is yesterday's video! 

Found by Daniel Ramirez

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Song 2!

Only a Man by Johnny Lang

Today's song is dear to me (I'm Daniel) because Johnny Lang is a huge inspiration to me! I apologize for the sound quality, I wish we had good music equipment, but we don't and that's fine! I hope you guys can look past the quality and see the beauty of the song! I love the message that even though we wander away from God, He is always there when we come back with open arms. I recently purchased a study Bible with direct translations to learn more about Him which I am very excited about. Anyways, God bless and good night! :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012


You and I by Ingrid Michaelson

We're so excited to be able to do something fun for our vacation posts! Just a heads up, we're not going to be shooting for perfection in these videos... Enjoy! ;)

Friday, August 3, 2012


Hey y'all! It has just been a great week so far! This morning started with breakfast, coffee, and a little Bible study at Boston Coffeehouse! We tried different coffees today, and they were great! We are currently reading Isaiah! (just in case I haven't mentioned that before)

After breakfast, I drove to Minerva's Bridal in Orlando! There, I met up with four beautiful ladies... Being my mother, my future mother-in-law and future sisters-in-law! I showed them all three of the dresses I had tried on earlier this week. I then asked each person to give me a number (1-3, according to the dresses). I would not reveal my favorite or my opinions to anyone until I got an official number from the whole group... Ultimately, this made the experience much more fun when I went in to the dressing room and surprised everyone with my favorite when I came out (which had gotten the majority vote anyways!) Tears, laughter and huge smiles filled the room when I had chosen #2! Hahaha. After, 13 bridal shops I have FINALLY found THE DRESS! A perfect way to start our vacation tomorrow, that's for sure!

It's so crazy, how this was the one shop I hadn't made it to in Orlando... It wasn't even a dress I had originally picked out. I actually saw it hanging from my dressing room and was just like, "Hey, can I try that one?" Haha. This dress was completely different from anything I had tried on. When I was trying on and when I had left the shop I was pretty sure I was gonna go with #3, but when all I could think about for the rest of the week was dress #2... and I kept looking at pictures of it... I knew it was the one. It's SO me, SO perfect, and I'm SO happy! Another amazing thing, is that it is a good amount under budget! Praise the Lord!

After Minerva's, we met up with Daniel and had lunch at Jason's Deli! After, we hung out with Daniel's grandparents and family! Yay! I love family! After a while, Daniel and I packed up the last bit of stuff and headed to Ocala!

Time for some rest and in the morning..... VACATION!!!!!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Last Day of Work!

So today was my last day at my internship in Melbourne. Kind of a bitter sweet time. I'm ready to learn more from school and I'm ready to not have to drive two hours everyday to work, but there were many more positives that outweighed the negatives. Luckily, I did leave on good terms which was very encouraging! It was nice to say goodbye and get good feedback! But, now it's back to classwork and getting it done. Well, not quite yet, vacation first! ;)

This has been such a wonderful week, God has certainly given us many blessings. Goodnight everyone and thank you for all your prayers!

The picture is me crowning Queen Victoria at prom last year! haha :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Hey everyone! Today has been crazy with all my studying for my test tomorrow, hence the sleepy pic... So tomorrow after my exam I will finish writing the blog, I need to get my rest! Says Daniel. ;)

Today: So, I got little rest. I studied all morning and night. Hahaha. I think my test went ok! I hope I did well! I'm sooo sleepy still! But, I'm about to go lay in the sun, and RELAX! Last night, Daniel and I had dinner with Jason and Rachel (worship leader at Genesis and his wife). It was a great time! It was also the first time Daniel and I really spent time with another couple around our age. It was crazy getting to know them more, we had so many things in common! Also, we had tacos for dinner. YUM! And moose tracks ice cream for dessert!

The day before yesterday, I went to a bridal shop near downtown that I hadn't gone to yet! I tried on about 5 dresses, 3 of which could certainly be the one!! So, I'm suuuuper excited!!! Tomorrow I have an appointment to go back and make my decision with my mom and maybe some more great ladies. Selfishly wishing Maggie (my maid of honor) wasn't in Nicaragua right now! But I know she is doing great work for the Kingdom!!

So happy to be done with summer classes and be going vacation SO SOON! YAY! I hope you all are having a great week and continue that into the weekend! Sunshine time!