Monday, January 28, 2013

Birthday Weekend and Updates!

School is going well for the both of us! Things are just moving right along and there is a lot going on! This is when the "snowball" starts moving faster and doubling in size! Hahaha. We are now less than 4 months, which is exciting yet a bit overwhelming. THE day can't come fast enough, but it can... Because there is so much still to do! We are preparing for my bridal shower in a month and some odd days as well as more and more details for our big day. 

In other news, Daniel's birthday was Friday! Big 23! Above you can see the little "Birthday Boy" pin I got him to wear for the day and also had a little sign in my dorm. Here are some more pictures from the day:

Started our day with some homemade granola bars!

We went on a little nature hike on campus! So beautiful! Love our school! We were able to see some deer and raccoon tracks too. :)

When Daniel returned from class and a meeting, I had my room all set up! Complete with a birthday card and 23 balloons each with a note inside of 23 reasons why I love him!

For dinner, I had made pesto mozzarella chicken and balsamic roasted cauliflower. It was so good and we were so hungry, that I didn't even get a picture! However, I did get a picture of dessert: Birthday cake brownies! (You might be able to see that the "B" is a little messed up. When I was writing it, I was thinking so much about Daniel I started writing a "D". No, not happy D-day, thank God we didn't have another one of those. Hahahaha.)

We finished off our night with a musical tribute to Frank Sinatra! It was really cool and fun! We both really enjoyed it! I loved treating Daniel to a birthday celebration with just the two of us! :)

The next morning we made a nice healthy big breakfast, with paleo pancakes, bacon, kiwi, blueberries and coffee, of course. Yum, yum, yum. 

Unfortunately, I do have some bad news. My dog of 15 years passed away. He was so near and dear to our family and will be greatly missed!

Sunday, was our church's 3rd birthday! We had a huge celebration with food and fun! Also, our worship leader and wife brought a new beautiful baby girl into the world! We are so happy for them! Hope all of you are doing well! Much love!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I cannot believe that in 121+7 days I will have a wife that I adore and a tan line that displays our commitment on my left ring finger; as we will be returning from a tropical getaway in the sun. As the day steadily approaches I am happy with the level of the excitement, anticipation, and lack of nerves concerning post marriage life. I have decided that this lack of nerves is a good sign though! Premarital counselling has started, me and my best man have initiated the hunt for wedding day attire, and Tori and I are beginning to pay attention to the details of the wedding day ceremony and reception. Because the large hurtles have been leaped, all efforts "wedding" can be focused on the details.

Our semester at school is off to a decent start. The stress and strain of the up-and-coming semester is still on the horizon and hasn't quite made its way to our immediate attention. We are not waiting blindly though; trying not to procrastinate by spending time now that will make the near future a bit easier.

I hope everyone is having a great January! God bless!

Also, we played basketball the other day!

Monday, January 14, 2013


Seriously, what a fantastic weekend! Our Friday started off with normal morning stuff... Daniel had class while my roommate and I went to a Pilates class! Which was great! When I got back to the apartment, I finished some schoolwork and started to get ready for the circus!! It was soooo much fun! We had a blast! We also got a little Bruster's beforehand! Yum.

I'm surprised we didn't take anymore pictures this past weekend... But that's ok! Saturday had to be one of the most spontaneous days for us! After sleeping in after a late night (for us at least, haha) we met up with my cousins, Jordan and Caleb for breakfast and then walked around Waterford for a bit. Which included Barnes and Noble to look at some bridal magazines, of course. After going back to my apartment to rest for a bit, we went to Winter Park to an electronics surplus store to try and find a part for Daniel's senior project and then got some awesome barbecue at Four Rivers! Also, yum. We then met up with Daniel's uncle where he works doing some really cool painting stuffs for theme parks and then to his house for some coffee, chocolate, talking and laughter. We finished off our spontaneity with a stroll around the Florida Mall! Haha.

Sunday, Daniel and I went to church and then met up with some people where they ate lunch to hang for a bit. We then relaxed around my apartment and watched a movie! Afterwards, we got ready and met up with the Evans at Panera for our first premarital counseling! Which went really well!! We finished off the night with Les Mis!

That was pretty much our fun-filled weekend! Also, my bridal shower invites came in! Yay!

Here are some pictures and videos from the circus!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Spring 2013!!!

So, Spring semester has started! Which is crazy because this semester ends with the most amazingly incredible month of May! One of the most highly anticipated months of my life thus far! I am so excited that I almost cant think of anything but getting married, I mean I'm going to do my best in class and learn as much as I can this semester, but the main thing on my brain will definitely be the end! The end is the beginning of something great! I'm already listening to tropical music in anticipation for the Spring time wedding and honeymoon!

My semester of classes is probably not going to be as hectic as last semester but it will still be busy, and Tori is in the same boat. We have gotten off to a pretty relaxed start and we are prepared for it to pick up! Tori likes all of her professors so far; she is taking 5 classes, 2 online! And I like all my teachers too; but I'm only taking 4 classes, she wins!

Tonight, Tori and I are going to the circus! We both have never been to a circus and so we are very excited! It was her Christmas present because I knew she has always wanted to go. So that will be our date night for this week, which is very exciting!

So anyways, I hope my excitement is obvious! I hope you all have a wonderful day! :)

Here are some pictures from earlier this week:

Eatin' some Pita Pit by the Reflection Pond on campus before finding all of our classes!

Basketball game on Wednesday! (We won!)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Wrapping Up the Winter Break!

Well, the past couple days have been so great! We've been going on walks, doing wedding crafts among other things! Here are some pictures!

A beautiful walk!

Making photo booth props!

Staining some wood for a sign for the wedding!

Drafting some centerpiece ideas, the flowers will be real then though!

Buying our first furniture piece! Haha.

So excited for our new ottoman!

Still excited...

The couches we will most likely be purchasing!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


New Year's Eve is always full of fun and this one was no exception! I got to bring in the new year with my love for the second year in a row! What could be more fun than that! We had sparkling white grape juice, and watched the ball drop! We also watched Captain America, so we had a pretty patriotic new year bringing in! And before bed time, we read our chapter in the Bible, Psalms 20, and then prayed together to start the new year off right! :) so needless to say, we had a wonderful New Years with my family chatting and hanging out until midnight!

Winter Wonderland!

Just in time for the winter wonderland post the temperature reached freezing in Florida! Tori's dad set up the fire outside in their little fire pit, and so we were able to enjoy some roasted marshmallows with chocolate and gram crackers! S'mores at their finest! They were very tasty! After enjoying the s'mores, Tori and I read a bit of the Bible, watched a little HGTV, and cuddled up to keep warm! :)