Friday, September 6, 2013

You've Missed Us, Right?

Needless to say, we've missed you too. Honestly, we haven't posted because there wasn't much to say. The week before last post would have looked something like this: School. Work. Bye. Exciting, I know. That week we did go to our worship leader and his wife's house to have dinner and hang out, which was great! 

Funny Story: On our way home from their house we got pulled over. There had been a bicyclist hit-and-run on the same road we were driving on and our car fit the description. Talk about the wrong place at the wrong time! We were sitting on the side of the road pulled over for about a half an hour. We had to wait for eye witnesses to check us and the car out (which we didn't know at the time why we were waiting)! It was nerve-wrecking, even though we hadn't done anything! Pretty bizarre. But then, to top it off... When we finally got home we were greeted by a huge cockroach! At least we had a good laugh once we finally settled down. HAH.

 I absolutely love this little comic! So cute! I just thought I would share this since I've been so hard at work with my school work! Hence, the coffee and nutella for motivation while spending several hours at Books-A-Million!

We did go on a really enjoyable adventure! Daniel boarded and I biked to the trail I had discovered a few weeks back! Again, we saw gators, turtles, and lots of pretty birds! It was so nice to get outside for a while!

When we returned from our 6 mile adventure, we found this crazy huge green caterpillar! And I had a pretty awesome tan line from biking. Hahaha.

Though things are still tight as were are still trying to get on our feet, we decided we really needed a date night. It was SO worth the extra money to get out, spend some quality time with each other and do something different! I think we really needed it, we could tell how much better we were and it set the tone for the rest of the weekend. Readers: DATE NIGHTS ARE IMPORTANT. Seriously. Make time for them, spend the little extra money; it is such an investment in your relationship. I can't stress that enough. Since it had been a while, both of our eyes were really opened to how crucial date nights are; so, that's why I'm telling you to go on dates with your love!

 Last Sunday, was the first Sunday of the month, which means family time at the Ramirez grandparent's household! There, I met this cute little guy pictured below. Family time and good food is always nice!

 After our first Sunday family time, Daniel's parents and sisters came to stay the night and spend Labor Day with us! Yay! We did a lot of hanging out and showing them our lovely little city! Daniel's parents also blessed us with some outdoor furniture for our back porch! We were so excited about them we had dinner on the back porch in our pajamas that night after they had left! 

Well, I guess it's back to homework for me! Hope you all are doing well and have enjoyed your past few weeks and your Labor Day!