Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's Wedding Week!

So, it's finally here! We are officially in the Wedding Week! Lately, we've been tying loose ends, running around and finalizing last minute details! However, this past week we moved all of our stuff into our new apartment! Yay! It's absolutely beautiful and is so perfect! We are so excited to be living there so so soon! We still have a long way to go, but here are some pictures!
The office!

The bedroom!

Dining room (a little bit of the kitchen too!)

Playing hide-n-seek... Ya know?

Trying new food places in our new city! Which Wich?
It was our last week at Genesis Church. We had the opportunity to lead worship together, which was great! Daniel and I were kept on stage by John (who is marrying us) as he told the church about us, how this was our last week and how he gets to marry us Saturday. Exciting stuff! We felt so special!

Last night, I had the bridesmaids over to thank them for all their help! I gave them their gifts and we all had tea, because we're just that classy! We played with make up and hair and were just plain girls! Also fun stuff!! We're pretty silly...
Since we are getting married this weekend, and leaving for our honeymoon after... Don't expect a post next week! ;) Love to you all! Can't wait to see so many of you on Saturday!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We're Getting Married Next Week... :O

Hello everyone! Wow, 11 days and counting! I can't believe that we are so close to the start of a new life together! That being said, there was a lot that happened this past week getting us set up for our future together! Tori got a hair cut and, as you can tell in the picture below, it looks great:

Though not related to wedding stuff, I did get my penny board which is fun and so I'm pretty excited about it!

More heavily related to the wedding than the above photograph, were the bachelor and bachelorette party! So, we tried to stay far away from the typical scene for these events but still wanted to have a great time! Tori went to a restaurant with her bridesmaids and a few other girls where there's authentic greek food and entertainment! They had belly dancers and even encouraged all their guests to get up and dance on the tables! As you can see here:

After dinner the girls headed back to Tori's dorm for a chick flick movie.

For my bachelor party, we went to a Disney resort and hung out by the pool for a while. Then we all got ready and headed to downtown disney. We ate at a bowling ally that serves sushi (an odd combination, agreed) and didn't quite get to bowl a whole game, but we had a blast! Afterwards we went to the theater there to watch Ironman 3! Which pumps me up to get to working on technology! (nerd).

When we got back, it was mothers day! So shout out to Tori's mom and my mom for always being there for us and for helping us through this time of getting ready for the big day! For mothers day, I caught my mom at home before she headed out to go kayaking and gave her a gift! Tori gave her mom a gift as well! Then we headed to Symphony Under the Stars with Tori's family to listen to a beautiful orchestra playing songs from movies, with a beautiful fireworks display, sampled for you here!

This week, since mothers day, has been all about wrapping up some loose ends before moving our stuff into our apartment tomorrow! That meant a lot of packing, and a lot of Tori finishing beautiful crafts, like the one in the picture below!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


That's right. Less than three weeks away now! Yay! We have finally finished up the semester, with great grades too! Daniel graduated! Hooray! We're back in Ocala now, and it's crunch time. It's time to get all the little details in order and make sure we have everything we need! We're doing lots of crafts, cleaning, organizing, ordering and errand running! Hahaha. Thank goodness for our parents and bridesmaids for helping in all sorts of ways. Praise God! Also, Daniel forgot to mention last week, but we bought our mattress, which is pretty exciting!! MORE exciting is the fact that we got our marriage license today!! I also had another dress fitting that went really well!

Daniel's new Penny hat, the board is coming soon! (his graduation presents from his parents)
Filling out the marriage license paper work! 
In other news, I managed to skin my knee just three weeks before the wedding...
 Lots to do in little time! But so much fun, excitement and happiness! LET'S DO THIS!