Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Appartment! With Two P's!

As far as big news, the highest in priority concerning Tori and me is, we figured out where we were gonna live and even paid for the application! We are so excited! It is in a wonderful location and so we are definitely excited! In the application, Tori pointed out that I never put her birth year, just the day and month, and I spelt apartment with two P's! Oh well, it's all good! Haha. Here's our floor plan, for kicks and giggles.

We also passed the two months till the big day on Monday! It is quickly approaching and we are oh so excited!  Ready for it all! :)

Aside from these exciting hurtles we've passed in the past week, we also ran a 5k, went out on a smokin' date, did school work (although senioritus is kicking in), we went to our second small group of this season, and we were able to contribute to UCF's FCA both Monday and Tuesday through Worship!

Also, while we were on our date night, our waitress informed us that she had been working at Chili's for 11 years and it was her last night! In her honor, some of the employees at Chili's were dressed in silly hats and accessories. So I decided to go ahead and make myself a nose and Tori a hat! It was really fun and Tori and I enjoyed brightening her day!

Life is definitely going wonderfully right now, a bit busy, but we are flying over the storm! We hope you are having an exciting week! Have a great week! :)

We also had cupcakes one day. Obviously, proportionate to our sizes.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Life is Exciting!

It's official! Daniel had accepted a job offer from Harris Corporation! We officially know where we are headed and are so excited! I am so very proud of Daniel and his many accomplishments! He is going to be such a great provider for our family! And he's just full of cute.

In other news, school of course has been crazy... Especially for me! We started a new small group through our church, which is exciting and something I am really looking forward to this week! We also went home to Ocala for Friday and Saturday! Always nice to see our families! The reason was that Daniel's suit came in! So he was trying it on and trying to finalize for the groomsmen!

We both were able to lead a song each this past weekend at church. It was such a great service! Worship, message, everything was just SO GOOD. So thankful for our family there. Daniel ended up playing some basketball with some men from the church afterwards, and he's definitely feeling that this week! Hahaha. Sunday night, we went to dinner with my lovely cousin, Caleb. We tried a new place called Burger 21, and it was delicious!! Excited to go back there again!

Among other things FCA is going really well. We are so pleased to be able to serve alongside the Evans on campus. I go to another small group with some other ladies from UCF, which has been really fun, getting to know new people! 

Please be keeping our campus in your prayers. Many are still shaken over the tragedy and fear of yesterday. Just knowing that the building is right next to mine has shaken Daniel and I quite a bit. There is no doubt that our God is protecting this campus. We are so blessed. I have been spending the last two days in thanks for a day that could have been so much worse. Thank you for your prayers!

Hope you all have a good week!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Break and Bridal Shower!

So, I know a bridal shower isn't the typical picture that comes to mind when thinking about spring break, but that was the big event that was in our minds! All week Tori and I were making preparations for the wedding and anticipating the bridal shower all at the same time. We had a lot of time over spring break to get wedding things done! We did crafts, we finished getting invitations ready to send out, we printed things, we printed more things, I ordered a lot of my outfit for the wedding, and Tori had her first real fitting, which went well so I've heard ;) .  Oh, we also had a meeting with Pam, our wedding coordinator, to go over some of the details! It's starting to feel really really close now! Sooooo excited!!

As for the bridal shower, Tori really had a good time! If you are reading this and there are no pictures, come back in the morning! Tori's mom and Tori's maid of honor, Maggie,  did a wonderful job getting everything set up! Of course they did have some help in the end from Brooke, Gabby, Kristina, and Sophia, the bridesmaids, and Tori, the bride to be! All I really know about the shower was that there was a lot of love shot our way! We received so many wonderful gifts and we loved every single one of them!

So that was our amazing week! I hope you enjoyed reading and about it! Have a great week and we will talk to you next Tuesday! God bless!
My beautiful mother!

My beautiful sister-in-love

The beautiful mother-in-love-to-be!
One of my flower girls!

Blessed beyond words!
The moms, the bridesmaids and a flower girl! ;)

Love these girls!
THE best and most beautiful maid of honor, ladies and gentlemen: Maggie Priest.

Some awesome decorations:

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Blog MAKEOVER. Love Knows No Boundaries.

Hey Everyone, you may have noticed the blog is a little different! It needed a makeover. So, now: new look, new name. The blog is now titled "Love Knows No Boundaries." This actually came directly from our wedding invitations. We've been wanting to name the blog for quite some time now... And when the idea came across from our invitations, we knew it would be great for so many reasons. Not only does God's love know no boundaries, but I like to think that way about our love too. Both are so special. Another reason why we chose it has to do with the fact that we are so passionate about traveling. This blog will certainly include our adventures and travels across the world, knowing no boundaries. Cool. ;)

I'm sorry it's been too long since a post, but now you can expect a post every Tuesday!! We've designated that as our official post day, so you can know what and when to expect.

Here are some updates:

  • The new, perfect and beautiful invitations arrived! (pictured above) Hooray! Time to get them out! 
  • It's spring break! So we're taking this opportunity to really get some wedding things done!
  • I had my first fitting last Friday and it was a disaster! Long story short: The ladies spoke little English and did NOT know what they were doing. I was so nervous, sweaty and uncomfortable. Luckily, my mom and I managed the guts to take my dress and hit the road. Hahaha. I ended up setting up an appointment with the lady who has done all my prom dresses and I feel so much more at peace now! So, my new first dress fitting is Saturday!
  • My bridal shower is Saturday, which is also very exciting!!
  • Daniel's mom is now also making the flower girl dresses! YES.
Now, I'm gonna hand it over to Daniel to tell you about these pictures, as well as a couple more things!

Sooooo, hi, this is Daniel now and I am going to share something pretty amazing! Tori and I will officially be living in Viera, Florida because I am officially getting a job offer from a company located there! I had an interview this past Friday and it went really well. After a long and exciting interview the hiring manager said that I would be getting a job offer from human resources soon! :) So now we know where we will be living and what an amazing blessing that is! To celebrate the morning after, Tori and I went to get breakfast and Boston Coffee House, which is one of our favorites! After devouring our meal and coffee, we broke out into a hardcore homework session before going to the UCF basketball game! Go Knights!