Tuesday, April 30, 2013

OMGoodnes... It's May!!!

IT'S FINALLY HERE! Crazzzy to think that in 25 days we are getting married! We are so very excited! This Saturday, it's three weeks away! Also, we both finished school this week! And I graduate this Thursday... weird! Then it's all hands on deck for wrapping up wedding stuff and preparations for life after marriage! So anyways, now I guess I will tell you all about our week! 

So first off, shout out of congratulations to my buddy Lucas, who got married this past weekend! He has been a classmate, a friend, and soon a coworker as we both head to Harris! We wish him and his wife, Hannah, all the best!

In other news, Tori and I have already made new friends in Melbourne/Palm Bay! So this past Friday, after Tori finished her finals, we headed to Palm Bay to have dinner and socialize with our new friends, Rett and Becca! We grilled out and played a couple rounds of Catch Phrase!

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, Tori and I were able to successfully complete our semester! My graduation ceremony is on Thursday and I'm excited to do that and make my family proud! Second Ramirez to get a Bachelor's Degree! Woohoo! Tori ended strong, and might even have received straight A's this semester! So proud of her! Also, there were elephants on campus! o.O

I hope you all have a great week and we will give you another update next week! With the wedding approaching and school out of the way, the blog will probably take a turn more towards that direction! Get excited cause we are! ;)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

So Much Going On!

It's true! There is so much going on! Stress levels are pretty low, so that's good! Finals are this week and next and the wedding is almost a month away. WOW. Daniel had his final senior design showcase Friday. Saturday, we ran a 5k with Daniel's family and then showed them around Melbourne! Sunday, we did worship, ate lunch with the pastors and their families and then went to IKEA! Ooooh! Monday, we had FCA and had a little finals week jam (videos below to show a little bit of the awesome talent we experienced). Today, we went to the gym and then found the new suits for the wedding! That's a brief highlight of the past week!

Looking so handsome doin' his thang!
Post Run For It 5k!
The gator at our apartment! Ah! Yet to be named... Stay tuned.
We found my all time favorite candy bar at a British store in downtown Melbourne! Win!
Soon-to-be sister, Kristina and I trying on fun hats!

The couch we might be getting!

Taking a sunglasses break while looking for suits today!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Senior Design Project Worked!

Our friend Kayla made Tori cupcakes for her birthday!
Tori is stylish.
For those of you who have been following our post over the last 9 months will know that since the beginning of last semester, I have been working on a project. Since this project state quite frankly that you can or cannot graduate, it's kind of a big deal! But after a long hard battle, my group and I came through and got the win! So now I can graduate, so I can get a job, so I can afford a place to live and food to eat, and so Tori and I are ready for our next chapter in life!

We had a little party to celebrate the end of senior design, with bunny pizza (and cake)! Tori's parents came over to my parent's house and it was great! It is so nice that our families can get together with no awkwardness or tension and that we can just sit around telling stories and joking with one another. Truly, we are blessed!

In preparation for that next chapter, over the weekend Tori was able to get some stuff done! She had another fitting and picked out chairs for the ceremony! We also went to some mattress places to see what we are interested in! We really think a good night's sleep is important!

Brooke made Tori a "Special" salad...

This week so far, we have been pretty relaxed. I took Tori out for her Birthday! Even though it was last week, I had so much school going on that I had to postpone surprising her until tonight! We grabbed some tacos and went to see the Croods, which was a really cute movie! So success!!

Now that the semester is almost over, the wedding is feeling closer and closer and anticipation is growing. We are so excited and trying to enjoy every minute of it! I hope you are all having a great week! We will check back in next week!

We also participated in TOMS One Day Without Shoes!
The theme for this week must be feet, seeing as we have three pictures of feet...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Getting Close!

Not only are we so close to the ending of school, but just the other day we passed the 50 days mark until we get married. Wow. Our week was fairly normal, lots of school work, small groups (below us the picture of the study we're doing, it's really good!!) and constantly running around. Haha. We did eat at one of our favorites this week: Hawaiian Grindz. So unhealthy, I know. Haha.

Friday, Daniel and I helped out with an event called Operation 1:27. It was an art auction to raise money for victims of human trafficking. It went really well! My friend Kayla put the whole thing and did an amazing job! I added some pictures if the art I made and a clip from the song Daniel and I performed. Not our best performance. Haha.

Saturday was mostly schoolwork until Maggie came to Orlando! She stayed the night after we walked around Waterford! It was SO nice to spend time with her! Sunday was my birthday, we went to church and Daniel's grandparent's after! It was nice to see all of Daniel's family! They had cake and ice cream for me. :) Brooke and Gabby also drove to Orlando, so I had all 5 bridesmaids here for my birthday!

We ended up going to CityWalk and it was fun, we just walked around and then ate Moe's! After, Daniel and I attempted to watch Lincoln, but we were way to exhausted! Haha. Well, that's pretty much it! Daniel's boards came in yesterday, so he was pretty excited! He's so cute! His presentation is this Friday! He's almost done! Pray for him, he's got so much to do! But he's doing so good. I'm so so proud. Ocala this weekend! Yay!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Busy Bees!

One word to describe lately: Busy. We have been on a constant go. Though we can see that light at the end of the tunnel, as far as school goes, it's still lots of work until we are finally done for the semester.

Last Wednesday we babysat some of favorite children. The Evans, of course. Thursday was small group, great as always. I made brownies. Friday, we actually had a Good Friday service at Genesis. It was incredible. Worshiping with the Genesis family is incredible. We are constantly reminding ourselves that God has called us to Melbourne... We are not ready to leave this amazing community, but there is peace and assurance in doing so!

Friday night we met up with our good friends Stephen and Amanda, who are also engaged! We made and ate dinner together, talked about our lives, our futures and our wedding plans. We also got Jeremiah's, which is awesome. And then we went back and played a board game called Settlers of Katan. It was lots of fun, and I won...

Saturday, I cleaned and did schoolwork while Daniel was in the lab all day. My parents came to Orlando to come to our Easter service and we met up for dinner and walked around Waterford. It was SO nice to see them.

Sunday morning came along, and we had two Easter services! Happy late Easter everyone! Both services went really well, however.... Just before out second service the school's cafeteria (where we have service) began to fill with smoke. Eventually we evacuated everyone from the room and discovered the air conditioning had broken and overheated! Crazy stuff! But certainly made for a good story! It was quite ironic that one of the songs we were singing is titled Burn Us Up. Great song, check it out. It's things like that when I know our God has a sense of humor. Afterwards, we went out to lunch with my lovely parents and relaxedly did schoolwork when they left.

Monday and Tuesday have been hectic going to classes and driving around. Daniel has been spending most of his time in the lab these days. He'll be graduating in exactly a month! I'm not sure if he knows I'm probably as ready as he is for this senior design project to be over with! Hahaha. I had a speech Monday, I did it on human trafficking and got an A! My professor even asked if she could use my speech for a student example for future classes! I was feeling pretty good! On top of that I passed the GKT today! Which is a big deal! Basically, it means I'm one step closer to being a teacher! Now it's time to take big girl classes! We also led worship for FCA Monday, which also went really well!

We got ColdStone to celebrate my passing of the GKT, which I meant to hold up in the picture! It's pretty rare that I'm the one driving... Haha. Anyways, I also went to my girls small group tonight which was really good. We talked a lot about Proverbs 31, and being women who are clothed in strength and dignity. So, below is a picture of us being clothed in strength and dignity. Hahaha. I love these girls!!

Also, we've had Chick fil A like four times this week. And, I don't think we've gotten to bed earlier than 11 in the past week (unusual)... We've also been extremely social, which is great. Random facts, just for you, my friend...