Friday, June 28, 2013

A Set of Stories!

So for this week, I decided to simply write a couple stories from our week! We have a couple good ones! :)

Well, the first one is about our new washer and dryer! They are very pretty, but while I was at work, Tori sent me this video, showing me how talented they are. Every time our clothes are done washing, or drying, this happens!

So, there's pretty much nothing that compares to the excitement of getting a wife... but I still am pretty excited about my new iPhone! Target had like 25 good deals going on at once! Making this seemingly expensive purchase a steal! And when I opened the box, I remembered I would have a sticker, so now I started my family tree of apples on the back window! :)

HAHA! This was a funny moment! Tori and I went to the bank today so that she could change her name at the bank... So we're sitting there, ya know... doing paper work and going through the process. When out of no where the lady helping us goes to pick up the phone and gasps! Tori and I look at her and ask if she's okay because she's frozen. She says "do you guys not see it?!" And so, we looked closely next to the phone, and yes, yes we did see the frog! When she had reached for and picked up the phone, it had jumped out from behind it. But after I took care of it and got it outside, things returned to normal! Haha.

Uh oh... Tori found the shoes I was trying to hide in the back of the closet! She sent me this while I was at work!

Not a story here, just my degree in its frame! It's so pretty, thanks mom and dad!

This was Tori getting ready for church this past Sunday, she's cute! Please be praying for us as we go back to a church this Sunday we previously went to, it could be the one! :)

Hope you all had a great week and have a great weekend!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Making a New Home!

Now that we have finished getting married and going on a honeymoon and such, it's time for us to make a new home in a new city! And so far, we are doing a pretty good job! We are so excited to be living in our new place, as we hope you can see in these pictures! We've tried to do a little bit of exploring in our new city, including the beach, and we have also been simply enjoying our new apartment living space! We hope you enjoy the pictures! :)

P.S. Tori is officially a Ramirez! :) That was an adventure in itself! But after a full day of hard work, she took my last name!

Crossing the threshold for the first time! :) (She's pretty light)

The first artwork we hung on the walls! (Thanks to Tori's dad)

Drinking coffee in some mugs we got from the wedding at our table! 

The beautiful table in our dining room! Getting ready for a great meal prepared by my beautiful wife!

One rainy day, Tori made a friend...

Beach trip! We are only about 15 minutes away! Which is amazing!

Heading to church! We are trying to find one to call home!

Taco night! Tori and I made them together! They were sooo good!
"Dirt Inspired Goodness" or d.i.g., a wonderful little restaurant Tori and I found! It's pretty much all super organic and locally grown. 

First day of work!

Spontaneous date night/exploring night!

Quick trip to Orlando, so why not Jimmy Hula's for lunch? 
THE CUTEST CHEF EVER! :) And the best one too!
Also, due to starting my job and having a new schedule... We will post most likely on Fridays now!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a wonderful week so far! Sorry, last week's post was so late... We now have internet in our apartment, so yay! So, our honeymoon was amazing! We had such a blast! Again, I think the best way for us to expound is through pictures!

First here is a photo from a few days before the wedding that we forgot to share! My dad got wedding bells and a sign that said "Daniel and Tori are getting married!" It was so sweet! :)

So, here's our honeymoon... in a nutshell! We went on a cruise to Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Mexico! When we first got to our room, we were pretty excited! It was so beautiful!

We especially were excited for our balcony! Check out my lovely Mrs. shirt thanks to Bethany!

Setting sail on Freedom of the Seas, waving goodbye to land!

Shortly after setting sail, we had our first dinner in the dining room! We were both SO exhausted... We were practically falling asleep at the table!  
Feeling refreshed the next morning, Daniel was trying new things for breakfast.

 We then returned to our room to enjoy our coffee on the balcony!

We spent the rest of the day exploring the ship and laying out by the pool! 

That night was our first formal night, so we got fancy!

Here are the two guys we got to know and ate dinner with every night! It's always fun meeting new people!

I suppose it was my turn to try new foods!

My handsome hubby!!

After dinner, we came back to a towel animal! I think it was a dog...

The next morning, we woke up in Labadee, Haiti! It was SO beautiful!

We also took the opportunity to take a picture of the ship! 
Exploring! (probably where he's not suppose to be)

Of course, lots of kisses for my new husband!
Sandy toes on the beaches of Labadee! 
Beautiful water! But really cold!
A little bit of matching for dinner! 

And another show after dinner!

We came back to a towel gorilla that night!

Good morning Jamaica! It felt so good to be back! 

We started our day with horseback riding through a trail and on the beach! We even got to ride the horses while they were swimming! It was a dream come true! Not to mention, my favorite thing we did!!

Feeling nerdy with our helmets!

Our tour guide got a little creative with the picture... Haha.
After horseback riding we went to Dunn's River Falls and climbed a waterfall! It was great! Sorry, it was too wet for pictures!

This was Daniel's attempt to take a picture of the place we stayed when we did missions in Jamaica!


Being silly, of course...

A dinosaur, maybe?

Grand Cayman! Getting ready to swim with stingrays and dolphins! (pirate photobomb)
 It rained most of the day, so we didn't get many photos! But we still had fun despite the cold rain!
This is our "whatever to bad weather" faces!

Where we got to swim with dolphins! (Daniel's favorite thing we did!)

Last formal night! Also, fancy alone dinner night!

HUGE delicious red velvet cake! YUM!


We watched the sunrise the next morning! Even though it was cloudy, it was still beautiful!

We didn't stay long in Cozumel... We went back to the ship and laid by the pool instead! We didn't want to risk having bad weather again! 

A bat!

Last day, another day at sea! We went rock climbing and both made it to the top! Loving the little boy photobomb...

Overall, we had so much fun! Even though the weather wasn't the best, I think we still made the most of it! Lots has been happening since we got back, so check in next week to hear about all we've been doing! And maybe some more wedding pics...