Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hallo, dis is tha Blog Post.

Tori and I had another great week in Melbourne, still exploring and getting to know or new city, and having a good time doing so! Last Saturday we went to Florida Tech's botanical garden for an adventurous walk and ended up finding Melbourne's first school which was so tiny yet exciting for the teacher to be! The trail itself was beautiful as well!

Continuing the adventure, Tori went on a 10.5 miles bike ride this week and found a trail where she encountered all sorts of wild life. I didn't get to go with her (I was working) but the pictures she took make me excited for when I do. 

Just a picture of our Florida sky at night!

Tori also made us some wonderful meals this week! Some creative and new, and at least one a replication of a personal favorite. Shown below are Zucchini Pizza things with noodles and "healthy" Chick-fil-a chicken and sauce! I don't know all the ingredients (sorry) but I do know that it was very very very tasty! and with the Chick-fil-a chicken, we also had Zucchini fries from the scraps of the Zucchini Pizza!

Not only did she get creative with meal choices, she also got crafty and made a headband and decorated some plain coffee mugs! I'm lucky to have such a creative woman!

Friday, we were lucky to spend the day with Audrey and Michael. They drove down to visit and we went to the beach, the Incredible Pets store, and out to dinner at Pizza Gallery! It was wonderful spending the day with such great people!

Last thing we did was drive to Orlando where I took the GRE. Hopefully I did well enough to get accepted to UCF for grad school! Here's to hoping! Regardless, we decided to go to one of our favorite desert places in Orlando to celebrate the completion of the test, Jeremiah's! 

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