Saturday, July 27, 2013

2 Months, Double Date, and Rise Worship!

Well, pretty much we had a great week! We have officially been married for 2 months as of Thursday, pretty exciting! Tori made us an amazing meal as shown below!

Beautiful Meal Provided by My Love Celebrating 2 Months of Marriage!

It was so very delicious! She's such an amazing cook! Thank you pinterest! ;)

We spent Friday with Stephen and Amanda, some friends of ours! We went to the beach, played some board games (The picture below), went out for dinner, and ended the night watching the new Wolverine movie! Which we thought was pretty good! And we had a great time with them!

Scattergories with Steven and Amanda!

For Saturday (today) we went to a sunrise worship that one of our friends, Rett, is heavily involved with. It was really nice to see so many young people getting involved to support human trafficking awareness as well as supporting financially to help as much as they can. We also did a lot of worshipping.

After the service we went out to breakfast at a trendy little breakfast nook in downtown Melbourne!

Breakfast at Sun Shoppe Caffe

Sunrise at the Rise Worship Service

Worship by the Beach

Here is a little throw back from last week when Tori and I went to D. I. G. for breakfast. We are pretty much regulars now! :)

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